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I am Brittany Manuel

I am Brittany Manuel and a native of Louisiana.  I specialize in landscapes with the use of acrylics, and/or ink and pencil color. My art journey is 23 years old. 

Over the past 5 years, I have volunteered and worked in the Conservation Sector. I have swam with the redfish and alligators while restoring our coastline by planting coastal vegetation. One project was to install Wildlife Tracking Stations along the coast. I have volunteered with preserving and protecting bird habitat along the beaches. I serve our natural habitat by participating and volunteering with my home nature and prairie organizations. 

I have always wanted a "big" wildlife job but my educational background is engineering. 


But that won't stop me. I am here everyday to show the face of Louisiana. I've touched this land intimately and I use the same touch with my art.

Pootsie Dootsie is what my German grandmother would call me. She would smile when she called it out. I am offering a smile with my art.

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